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As a vendor of solutions for the financial sector, CFT suggests to the banks transmitting their banking business processes to complex CFT Banking systems and Processing services with their transfer to CFT outsourcing. 

With outsourcing, the bank gets a comprehensive Solution on ready IT infrastructure in the CFT DPC for Banking systems + a large-scale frontal infrastructure for development of retail business and mobile development of bank products: 

Banking systems:

  • CFT-Bank (Platform 1)
  • CFT-Bank (Platform 2МСА)
  • CFT-Retail Bank

Processing services:

  • Faktura.ru Internet banking
  • CardStandard PC
  • Golden Crown
  • National Gorod System

Basic Services of CFT-Outsourcing:

  • Provision to the bank of ready IT infrastructure for CFT Banking Systems  
  • Support of CFT Banking Systems in accordance with the requirements of Regulatory Authorities and CBR
  • Support of all Bank Users working in CFT Banking Systems
  • Performance of works on modification and development of CFT Banking Systems according to the Bank business requirements
  • Additional services

Benefits of outsourcing for the Bank:

  • Reduction of the cost of ownership of Bank own IT infrastructure:
    • Hardware
    • System software and its technical support
    • Security systems
    • Human resources
  • Quick result at the launch of a new Financial Product or business solution
  • Transparent and forecasted budget for required services
  • High level of security
  • Single "access point" for all services
  • Quick change of the content and scope of services rendered